Towards a new regulatory system for the atmospheric environment

  • Patricia Park

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    The public works included in this submission span a number of years. The publications themselves track the journey from the more traditional command and control type of regulation towards a more innovative market based system, note the developments with some success, but also identify the perceived failures and mark the changes along the way. This is a particularly fast moving area of law and regulation and the jury is still out on how successful any new regulatory system will be. Will it develop further to include more sectors or will the vagaries of the 'market' prove too difficult to provide the policy objective of protecting the atmosphere from anthropocentric activities? The main question is 'how has the international community addressed the issue of anthropogenic pollution of the atmosphere through international legal instruments?', and more specifically, the objective is to provide an understanding and critique of the development of regulatory practice and the influence of economic theory on the design of new regulatory legal instruments. The specific contribution to knowledge of each publication was confirmed by the editors and referees of the articles at the time of publication, although over time this becomes accepted wisdom. The commissioned chapters, monographs and articles demonstrate standing within the European academic community specialising in the energy and environmental field. The overall contribution of this collection is an ongoing critique of the development of this specialised area of law. The group of publications submitted form part of a theme which mainly considers the more flexible mechanisms, which could be considered a rather narrow approach. However, within the context statement as a whole I have tried to place the publications in a broader framework and in my conclusions have moved the discussion on further.
    Date of Award2009
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • Middlesex University

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