Runaway Memories
: A collection of short stories exploring various styles of memory-based narratives

  • Flavio de Oliveira

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    It is arguable that memories are one of the most important aspects of the human mind. It is through memory that we are able to learn, to make decisions, to evolve. Michael Jacob Kahana (2012) suggests that "our memories define who we are, and our ability to learn and make new memories determines who we become" (Kahana, 2012, p.13). It has also been a topic by several literary authors in their works, such as James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and Antonio Lobo Antunes. This thesis approaches the subject of memories by researching theories and notions regarding the functions of memory and how memories are processed. It embodies the combination of research and practice, where the research into theoretical materials is used in order to develop a collection of short stories. This thesis has the main objective of approaching the practical side of creative writing with thorough background research in theories of human memory, linking all the short stories through the overarching theme of memory and the creative practice, delivering a consistent and unique approach to the field of Creative Writing. That is, these short stories are interpretations of the research through creative endeavour, and aim to explore these theories through the developed narratives. With each story, there is an accompanying critical commentary which describes the creative process and the theoretical approaches that influenced each of them, as well as the literary influences that informed the development of each story.
    Date of AwardOct 2016
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • Nottingham Trent University

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