Picture radio: will pictures with the change to digital, transform radio?
: Thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Southampton Solent University for the degree of Master of Philosophy

  • John Henry Warburton

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This work looking at radio over the last 80 years and digital radio today will consider picture radio, one way that the recently introduced DAB1 terrestrial digital radio could be used. Chapter one considers the radio history including early picture radio and television, plus shows how radio has come from the crystal set, with one pair of headphones, to the mains powered wireless with built in speakers. These radios became the main family entertainment in the home until television takes over that role in the mid 1950s. Then radio changed to a portable medium with the coming of transistor radios, to become the personal entertainment medium it is today. Chapter two and three considers the new terrestrial digital mediums of DAB and DRM2 plus how it works, what it is capable of plus a look at some of the other digital radio platforms. Chapter four examines how sound is perceived by the listener and that radio broadcasters will need to understand the relationship between sound and vision. We receive sound and then make pictures in the mind but to make sense of sound we need codes to know what it is and make sense of it. Chapter five will critically examine the issues of commercial success in radio and where pictures could help improve the radio experience as there are some things that radio is restricted to as a sound only medium. This will be considered to see whether radio can be improved with graphics and pictures. Chapter six will provide a background to the equipment available for the reception of digital radio and the receivers needed for picture radio. In addition the type of programmes that could be enhanced, as other media has, by the use of pictures and illustrations will be considered. Also there will be a critical discussion on the use of picture radio worldwide and the place of picture radio in international radio broadcasting.
    Date of AwardJul 2010
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • Solent University

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