The perception of the value of higher education amongst tanker officers

Quentin Cox

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Current international maritime legislation requires professional qualifications to be attained, in order for seafarers to be employed as senior officers on merchant ships. There is no requirement for higher educational qualifications to be held by these staff. Nonetheless, it is apparent that many officer employees are conscious of the desirability of possessing recognised educational qualifications. Several have, entirely voluntarily, taken steps to advance their higher education simultaneously with their sea-going careers. This is not a new phenomenon but an opportunity has been taken to gauge current attitudes toward the matter. The paper has been composed as a result of empirical research from a random sample of sea-going officers, whom have attended the Specialised Tanker Training Programmes at Warsash Maritime Academy, since the autumn of 2009. A sample, consisting of 61 course participants, was asked if any had undertaken, or had considered undertaking, higher education study. Of these, 21 had indicated such a preference and were then presented with a series of ten open-ended questions. The results of this survey are presented in this paper and the rationale behind their answers discussed. The paper has also endeavoured to place the findings within the broader context of on-board quality and resource management within the shipping industry.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2010
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