Tapping the air: a wireless ecology of the Lizard Peninsula.

Sebastiane Hegarty (Photographer)

    Research output: Creative Practice OutputsExhibition


    Sound work broadcast as part of Radiophrenia 2017 (Glasgow) and on-line.
    In the summer of 2017 I began a covert residence at The Lizard Wireless Telegraphy Station. Built by Marconi in 1900 this station was the site of the first ‘over-the-horizon’ wireless communication. Prior to this, it was thought that wireless communication was restricted to the optical horizon, there had to be a ‘direct line of sight’ between transmitter and receiver.
    The ‘residency’ concluded in a live micro FM transmission to an audience of one, in what once was the ‘operating room’ of the wireless station. Broadcasting through six radios the performed transmission was based on field-recordings from a local landscape haunted by the architecture of listening and communication: the looming pulse of the Lizard Lighthouse foghorn, the automatic Morse of loose wires and antennas at Poldhu (site of the first trans-Atlantic wireless transmission), the perimeter hum of wire fences that surround the galactic ear of Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station and the abandoned listening-in of RAF Dry Tree.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationGlasgow
    Publication statusPublished - Nov 2017


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