Navigating reflection: photography as a learning tool on a cruise field trip

Lisa Power, Patsy Morgan

Research output: Working paper/PreprintWorking paper

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Limited research has been done to date on tourism student?s learning during field trips, despite the value of education in the field being recognised by other academic disciplines such as geography. An educational field trip that immerses students in the subject being studied, in this instance tourism and cruise operations management, can present opportunities for them to apply what has been learnt in the classroom to ?real life? situations and enable them to reflect on their learning. This study examines whether photography is a valuable tool in supporting student?s reflective practice during a 7 day cruise field trip around the Eastern Mediterranean in May 2009. The 12 participating students were each given a digital camera and instructed to take an unlimited number of photographs that ?best represents your learning about cruise studies?. On return to the UK each student selected 5 photographs that held the most meaning for them and were individually interviewed on their choices. The study concludes that reflexive photography linked with elicitation interviews can help evidence learning and encourage students to reflect on their learning.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2010


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