Meshwork: music derived linear animation for Trampoline digital arts network: Attention Structure - Public Screens - Norway - 2012

Russell Richards

    Research output: Creative Practice OutputsDigital or Visual Products


    Russell Richards of the KikiT VisuoSonic Research Group, produced the film "Meshwork" a sound-derived linear animation for Trampoline digital arts network. 'Trampoline is a platform for new media arts based in Nottingham and Berlin. Its purpose is to promote the innovations of emerging artists on both a local and international level, providing a platform for experimentation and new exposures while also encouraging new networks and discussions which contribute to education, research and development.'(Ota 2013) The ?Attention Structure? initiative is designed to bring digital video art shorts to public screens across the UK and the world. The remit of the project was ?an international touring exhibition shown on video billboards? (Trampoline 2012), presented at locations in the UK and at multiple venues throughout Stravanger, Norway in March and April 2012 i.e. Sølvberget Kulturhus ? Cultural Centre Knowledge Science Factory ? Science Museum Ha Old Vicarage ? Cultural Centre Gosen School ? High School Tou Scene - Art Project Kino Kino - Centre For Art And Film Thus, the public screenings were both in traditional reception areas for film and other more unusual public settings. In addition "Meshwork" was published on the Public Art Screens Website: PublicScreens.No. 'Meshwork' is a ?sound-derived linear animation' i.e. the movement of animated objects on the screen is generated by the sound track then recorded for playback. Purpose-built software has been created that extracts the energy from the music/sound/voice and this then provides the parameters for the forms of animation in the scene. There is no immediate stimulus/response relationship between the sound and the resulting animations - this is deliberate. The advantage of this more subtle relationship is that there is a resultant musicality in the animation that complements that of the musicality of the sound track. The output is thus a more complex and satisfying form.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherPublic Art Screens
    Media of outputOnline
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012


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