Exhibition `J9 Interactive Video' (digital media/catalogue)

Julian Konczak (Photographer)

    Research output: Creative Practice OutputsDigital or Visual Products


    J9 is the result of research into computational narrative and story structures associated with journeys; it explores the links between archetypal narrative and editing structures in contemporary media, such as the way in which digital technologies display multi-threaded content using red button technology. From a practical standpoint, research involved creating original video databases themed around core structures associated with an archetypal journey (Jungian concepts developed by Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler). The metaphor of story/journey is extended into the user interface by incorporating an interaction pathway reminiscent of a travel booking website whereby users can choose destinations from a database and then sit back and watch the video. Bespoke software was created to deliver the computational video elements within a web browser – the prototype developed being innovative and individual to the work using PHP server side technologies. It was developed in partnership with an interaction design specialist and relates to the practical issues around the delivery of interactive television over the internet. J9 also seeks to explore the use of video within gallery and on-line contexts as well as critically examining the nature of digital narrative. The project has been exhibited in a number of forms internationally (Brazil (FILE Sao Paulo 2009 & Festival Del Arte Digital Belo Horizonte 2009) Japan (Dislocate Tokyo 2007), USA (Without Borders Exhibition – Conjunction Maine 2009),) as well as via the URL: http://www.j9interactivevideo.com. The final exhibition of this touring work took place in the UK and linked with the a printed and electronic catalogue that included an edited selection of writing from experts in the academic fields of art criticism, psychology, travel and writing which develops themes within the project.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2010


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