Mandy Jandrell

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    The publication included of a selection of landscape photographs made by Mandy Lee Jandrell over a period of 4 years that showed environments that are at odds with reality or the ‘real place’. The selection of images published in Edge of a Dream looked specifically at representations in constructed leisure environments that reproduce nostalgic pictorial conventions. Mandy Lee Jandrell also contributed to the research project for over a year in a series of discussions, seminars and a symposium held at both Camberwell College and Goldsmiths College, with the other participants, which led to the publication of the book. Through discussions with other participants a selection of her photographic work was made, to which the writers responded. Fellow participants in the project were acclaimed writers and photographers including Simryn Gill, Mandy Lee Jandrell, Virginia Nimarkoh, David Spero, Anthony Iles, Kate Soper and John Wood, with an introductory text by Paul Halliday. Edge of a Dream is the culmination of an Arts & Humanities Research Council funded project organised by Camberwell College of Arts and Goldsmiths, University of London. The process of collaboration between writers and visual artists allowed for the production of a book that uniquely engages with ideas around the representation of Landscape in contemporary photography. www.edgeofadream.co.uk The research project and its publication led to numerous debates and discussions around the representation of landscape in a series of discussions, seminars and a symposium held at both Camberwell College and Goldsmiths College which were open to the public. The book publication was launched with an event at the South London Gallery and is available for purchase through Affram Books. It is housed in a number of university libraries
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationEdge of a Dream
    PublisherAffram Books
    Publication statusPublished - 2011


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