E Plus - a practice oriented and transnational approach to enhance graduate employability

Alastair Monger

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This report presents, in an e-book format for ease of reference, researched and evaluated initiatives, models and practices developed to enhance the employability of students of the University and the b.i.b. International College. It concludes the jointly funded stage of the project as planned in the original project proposal. The project is based on the key themes of work-based learning, industry-focussed learning, international learning and career management learning, and cross-threading ICT and transnational themes. Many different stakeholders including students, tutors, service support staff and employers from both institutions contributed to the project and its outcomes. The following 4 paragraphs indicate briefly the content of each theme. In response to increasing evidence that HE institutions should be providing more workbased learning opportunities, EU- funded work experience opportunities for b.i.b. and SSU students going to Southampton and Germany respectively are planned, and a more flexible model combining both work experience and the final year project at SSU is planned. An industry focussed learning theme describes models for more industry-related activities. These include a more organised approach to using the University as a business context for live activities (eg analysis of University data warehouse data to inform decision making), an ?Everybody-Wins? model for ?live?/industry-linked activities and an entrepreneurial activity for primarily Technology courses. An international learning theme describes an experiment designed to enable b.i.b. and SSU students to work collaboratively online in international teams, and consequently enhance their e-portfolio CVs and employability. A career management learning theme completes this contribution to the employability agenda by sharpening the focus on CVs and gaining employment. It presents the results of studies on the application of Mahara at b.i.b. and software for developing communication skills at interview. Following achievement of the intended outcomes of the project, including the embedding of some practice, further work includes the on-going EU and other work-based learning initiatives. In conclusion, diverse, collaborative, shared, scalable and informed practice in our respective institutions should lead in the longer term to improved employability of our students.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherSolent University
Publication statusPublished - 2010
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