Design and Production of a One-Off 32 feet Wooden Racing Yacht Dedicated to Southampton Solent University

Jean-Baptiste R. G. Souppez

    Research output: Other contribution


    To enhance the university experience of the Yacht Engineering Program students and the members of the Solent Sailing Club, the design of a racing yacht dedicated to Southampton Solent University has been undertaken. The 9.99m strip planked vessel is intended to be built as a one-off by students in Timsbury to then compete in the Solent and Channel races, as well as being a teaching support for both yacht engineering and sailing. The will to produce a complete project led to tackle both the design and the production aspects, using a combination of engineering skills, empirical methods, experience, practical considerations as well as the interaction with specialised manufacturers. Indeed, the project has been conducted to replicate the professional environment of a small company developing a project from the client requirements to the building. A wide range of professional skills have been implemented, such as developing a performance design in accordance with a design brief and the relevant bodies of regulation; ascertaining the most appropriate production method for the given work force; considering time and cost constraints to develop a building philosophy; establishing an accurate building schedule and cost estimate; time management between independent learning for the purpose of this dissertation and the design and production phases; and professional communication through a formal report and industry standard CAD drawings. The final proposed design appears to meet the regulations and satisfies the design brief, achieving a performance and safe boat. On the other hand, accurate cost estimation and planning have been developed so the boat can be built within the given time and for a lower cost than a similar vessel on the market, therefore making it an attractive investment for Southampton Solent University.
    Original languageEnglish
    TypeBEng (Hons) Dissertation
    PublisherSouthampton Solent University
    Number of pages102
    Publication statusPublished - May 2013


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