Delirium, Dreams & Nightmares

Roy Hanney (Producer)

    Research output: Creative Practice OutputsExhibition


    Curation of a night of ghastly short films, live cinema performance, spoken word and music - telling tales of gothic horror and supernatural terror. PROGRAMME: Spoken Word from ALAN MORRIS and CHRISTINE LAWRENCE. Alan will be performing ‘Fresh Meat’ which he describes as ‘where Lovecraft meets ER’, and Christine will be… well let's not say too much just yet.Joining us to play some tunes from her latest EP will be songstress Eilís Phillips. Her folky influences will resonate with the audience and provide some relief from the wyrd and the wilde.Plus a selection of winning films from the Darkfest international short film competition including: (TBC competition closes on the 1st October). Plus 5 ultra shorts made specially for Darkfest 2018 by local artists and filmmakers.And a live re-score of the classic short film of FRANKENSTEIN (1910) the first time the story was brought to the screen. This silent film will be brought to life through a live musical performance by RUSTY SHERIFF.Finally, Darkfest stalwart DR.LIGHTHOUSE (aka Roy Hanney) will be performing THE ABADDON FILE (REDUX) a supernatural thriller about cold war experiment into psychic spying that turn into a dangerous game. A live cinema performance that mixes both images and sound to create a unique telling of this tale.The evening will conclude with a DJ set by DR LOVEJOY and with two doctors in the house we can assume the mix will be purely medicinal. Expect atmospherically sympathetic musical magic till 12.WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT?An evening of audio-visual delirium inspired by the horror fiction of Edgar Alan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft or by other authors writing between 1840 & 1937. All the evenings entertainments are inspired by, adapted from, emulate or are in some other way be connected to this period of gothic literature. Watch weird, sinister or ghostly stories that evoke the mysterious and macabre. Scream along to the cinematic and psychological telling of ghastly tales. Let your fears out of their cage for one night only. But be sure to put them back after.A Portsmouth Darkest 2018 event.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 3 Nov 2018


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