Combining Modern Hydrofoils and Classic Wooden Yachts

Jean-Baptiste R. G. Souppez, Alvaro Guell

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    The project consists of two stages: the design of a classic sailing yacht, including all the interior design and the development of a structure that merges wood building and carbon fiber on the more critical areas, then followed by the incorporation of a modern hydrofoil system. The aim of the hydrofoil, adapted from racing yacht technology, is to generate lift that will reduce the amount of hull in the water, make the yacht more stable and performant. The particular system to be investigated is known as a Dynamic Stability System (DSS), and will be tested on a model hull in the towing tank at Southampton Solent University to demonstrate the benefits of this new configuration. A number of hydrofoil sections will be experimented with to assess the optimum one, and eventually predict the improvements in performance of the boat. For the incorporation of the hydrofoil system, a study will be done on different wing sections and shapes inspired from the most advanced racing yachts in the world that can be added to the side of a wooden, more traditional boat. Once this is done, a model will be tested in a towing tank to look at the effects of this system and the flow interaction generated, and then, with the achieved data and calculations based on first principles, a velocity prediction program (VPP) will be developed to be able to extrapolate the information achieved to new boats that want to use this system. Based on the results achieved and the designed VPP, a conclusion will be derived to see if the DSS increases the speed of the boat by being able to add more power to the vessel or to see if all the positive effects created are neglected by the increased drag produced by the foil.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationBritish Conference of Undergraduate Research
    Publication statusPublished - 12 Apr 2018
    EventBritish Conference of Undergraduate Research - Sheffield
    Duration: 12 Apr 201813 Apr 2018


    ConferenceBritish Conference of Undergraduate Research


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