Coastal landslide hazards and risk management

Komali Kantamaneni, Pammi N Sinha, Louis Rice, Luiza C Campos, Sigamani Panneer , Vinay Sharma

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Published conference proceedingChapterpeer-review


Anthropogenic climate change and coastal landslides threaten the very fabric of society. Indications, that coastal hazards are impacting diverse coastal areas severely across the world, and it is no longer a vague future threat that can be ignored. The coastal population and economy of the United Kingdom (UK) are increasingly vulnerable to landslides due to various reasons. However, the current understanding of coastal landslide distribution and vulnerability in the country is inadequate, which is due to its ‘perceived safety’ from such disasters. Subsequently, coastal landslide risks (CLR) and its management do not make into the high priority-list of the UK‘s policy-makers; thus, the risk management is responsive in nature and slow in pace. Growing numbers of studies have raised alarms against this current system of CLR and its management in the UK due to the mounting threats of urban expansion and climate change. The proper management of these risks require systematic assessment of current status of coastal landslide risks (CLR) in the UK. To address this gap, the current study systematically analysed CLR and its management via two path analysis. The current study also covered

various methods covering literary evaluation, Spatio-temporal assessments and amalgamation of experts’ views. Therefore, coastal landslide events for the period of 2000-2016 have been analysed and also subsequently generated GIS maps. In addition, Experts views were also undertaken with global experts on coastal landslides, who have the proficient knowledge on both global and regional (UK) landslides. Results revealed that UK experienced total 966 landslides during 2000-16, 77.5% of it occurred in coastal areas and rest in inland areas. England had 68% of the total landslides followed by 21% in Scotland and 11% in Wales. Based upon the current study results, it recommended to give urgent attention to the rising CLR in the UK; therefore, to relax funding constrain to encourage the related research activities, leading to better means as well as strategies and policies for the improved management of landslide risk and vulnerabilities in the country. The evidences generated in this research make strong case for the coastal landslides to be evaluated and managed earnestly and on a separate basis.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCoastal landslide hazards and risk management
Publication statusSubmitted - 2021

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