BRIXMIS Story: Guest lectures, multimedia and research-informed-teaching-informed-research

Bryn Parry

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    Presentation explores how a series of annual Guest Lectures, within a Level 6 Contemporary Issues unit, forms a key step within the cycle of ?Research-informed-Teaching-informed-Research??; supplementing Research Seminars, external events, Dictionary-contributions and other research outputs. The multimedia used, both within the Guest Lecture itself and follow-up podcast, offers insights regarding the potential for taking full-advantage of the resources available at SSU ? for compilation, creation and dissemination This Guest Lecture eschewed more mainstream `Ostalgie? examples, when exploring the commemoration of Cold War history, within mainstream Tourism and Dark Tourism contexts; especially for geographically-distributed, lesser-known areas of Cold War Europe ? emphasising the military espionage of BRIXMIS /SOXMIS forces. ======================= BRIXMIS: British Commanders'-in-Chief Mission - to the Soviet Forces in Germany [GSFG] MMFL / FMLM: La Mission Militaire Francaise de Liaison SOXMIS / SMLM: Soviet Commander's Liaison Mission - to Headquarters of the British Army of the Rhine [HQ BAOR] USMLM: US Military Liaison Mission ======================= To access Panopto Podcast that extracts are drawn from - Click here:
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationSolent Learning and Teaching Community Conference 2017
    PublisherSouthampton Solent University
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2017


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