Beehives Bobs and Blowdries: History of hair and hairdressing in Post war Uk

Donna Bevan (Photographer)

    Research output: Creative Practice OutputsExhibition


    Beehives, Bobs and Blow-dries will showcase the contemporary, history and future of hairdressing and fashion
    Hairdressing has been somewhat of a missing link in the fashion story and Beehives Bobs and Blow-dries aims to turn fashion on its head and explore this under represented relationship. Often overlooked, fashion would not be complete without the right hair and this exhibition is here to celebrate just that
    Charting this significant relationship over the last 50 years would be the focus of the exhibition. This is a catalyst period in which we see a whole new approach to hair and hairdressing, much as the way we have seen paralleled in the fashion industry . In this heady period of change the social, cultural and political impacts on design will be explored in depth In order to show the wider influences on the trends and styles created by some of the most iconic designers and hair stylists.
    The impact of media outlets during this time frame also offers us a wealth of material to work with . We can explore the fantasy collections for the catwalks and editorial shoots through to the subcultural styles on the street. The exhibition would celebrate the impact of the relationship between celebrity hairdressers, designers and media stars who through the decades have helped make iconic styles so popular. We will discuss the collaborations that have been key to this process and the impact of the new trends that evolved .
    The impact of new technological advancements on both hair and fashion including new materials and products are key to this exhibition - In the case of hair products this not only created an evolution in the salon experiences but also new possibilities of transforming hair became a reality .This really gave hairdressers and stylists whole new ways of working with hair and allowed them to push the boundaries . The more recent experimentation with hair as a fibre in fashion have seen the boundaries being blurred between the two
    Having ones hair done is still a bespoke experience and this intimate relationship between hairdresser and client remains almost unchanged, even in the world of fast hair.
    So despite the "massification" of franchises and chains in the salon industry and multinational products available to apply to our hair the importance of ritual and transformation still remains significant in contemporary hairdressing and very much part of the salon mix.
    In a world where the current fashion system is being questioned and discussions of sustainability, slow fashion and craft skills are being re-examined. There has never been a better time to examine the relationship between this heady mix of hair and fashion

    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 17 Feb 2018
    EventBeehives Bobs and Blowdries : history of hair and hairdressing - Civic Gallery , Barnsley , United Kingdom
    Duration: 17 Feb 20187 Apr 2018


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