David Nelson, Alastair Monger, Charles Boisvert

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Database assessment is a perennial "hot topic" and has stimulated discussion at many previous TLAD workshops. It is hoped that this panel discussion will provide a coherent forum for discussing many aspects of database assessment. The three panellists will introduce the topic briefly before inviting questions and contributions from the workshop participants. Some of the topics envisaged are: ? Novel assessment strategies ? Effective and efficient online methods for providing formative and summative assessment feedback ? The role of examinations / projects / presentations / group work / etc. ? Plagiarism detection and designing assessment to avoid plagiarism ? Assessment strategies for different stages ? Departmental / institutional frameworks and constraints Examples of questions include: ? Is there anything special about database assessment (compared with other subjects)? ? Does the method of assessment determine how and/or what you teach? ? We know after an assessment what was wrong with it, but how can we get it right? ? Can / should a subject like SQL be assessed by exam? ? Can plagiarism be "designed out"? How can plagiarism be detected in SQL? In a database application? ? Should projects require a database application to be built "from start to finish" (design to implementation)? ? Is it possible to determine a grade by marking exercises in-class? ? Do we over-assess?
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationHEA TLAD 2011
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2011
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