An investigation into Additive Manufacturing materials subjected to shear failure

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    Whilst Additive Manufacturing (AM) has evolved to offer a wider choice of materials, there is little in literature regarding the detailed mechanical properties of these materials. This research focuses on one of the stronger materials, a clear UV curable photopolymer resin used in a material jetting machine. The authors would like to extend their research work, which has looked at tensile properties, to investigate the behaviour of rigid additive manufacturing materials in terms of their shear strength and behaviour.
    Destructive testing will be based on small plate assemblies, held together by AM nuts and bolts. A tensile testing machine provides the required force that will act in a shear line across the bolts. The paper will review the distribution, levels of variance and consistency of results. The study will look at single bolts and multiple bolt arrangements. A review of the validity of different theories of failure will be applied to the results, including a comparison to results obtained by the finite element analysis technique. This paper aims to add valuable findings to observe AM parts being used in a fabricated assembly, rather than testing materials purely in specimen form for laboratory test data
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 11 Sept 2018


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