1000 Plateaus Presents: This is Not Boring! Artists Potlacth

Roy Hanney (Producer)

    Research output: Creative Practice OutputsPerformance


    Challenging artists with the theme BORDER CROSSINGS the doors to the Coastguard Studios have been opened to artists who are performing; new work, work in progress or exploring improvisations around existing ideas. Staged by 1000 Plateaus, an occasional open platform for artists working in performance and audio visual arts. The event is conceived as an artist’s digital POTLATCH, the means by which reciprocal relations are formed through gift giving and exchange. It is digital because we are immersed within the territorializing discourses of technology though many artists employ analogue processes. It is neither a ‘one’ nor ‘zero’ but inhabits a space between. Participating artists are encouraged to adopt the principles of; “radical” inclusion, self-reliance, self-expression, de-commodification, community cooperation, gifting and leaving no trace.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2 Jul 2016


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