The Swinging Christies, Agatha Christie in the 1960s: Phase Two

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My podcast The Swinging Christies was launched in January 2024 and has already been listened to tens of thousands of times in just its first three months. The project is co-produced and co-presented with the writer Gray Robert Brown. The podcast concerns the works of Agatha Christie in the 1960s, including film and television adaptations. Its basic argument is that this era of Christie’s work has often been unfairly overlooked, and that examination of her output and other support material shows that Christie’s writing developed over time (born in 1890, she was in her seventies in this decade) and kept pace with changes in society, such as new attitudes towards sex, drugs, music and popular culture, and even the decline of the British empire. The project uses new research, including interviews with Christie’s grandson and unpublished material, to help to redefine our understanding of the world’s bestselling novelist, whose works are still so popular today, and used as the basis of new films, television productions, plays and books.
This funding would allow for the second phase of The Swinging Christies, hence providing the opportunity to place The Swinging Christies at the centre of popular discourse around Agatha Christie.
Effective start/end date1/06/2431/07/25


  • Solent University


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