Sea Traffic Management Validation Project

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    STM – The next step for a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly maritime sector.

    Sea Traffic Management connects and updates the maritime world in real time, with efficient information exchange. Through data exchange among selected parties such as ships, service providers and shipping companies, STM is creating a new paradigm for maritime information sharing offering tomorrow´s digital infrastructure for shipping.

    European Maritime Simulator Network (EMSN):

    The world’s largest commercial Ships Bridge simulator network consisting of 10 Simulator Training centres and up to 28 Ships Bridges able to participate in the same exercises.

    Warsash Maritime Academy is the only UK centre connected and contributing to the EMSN development and STM testing. Other centres around Europe include :
    Chalmers University, Sweden
    Fraunhofer CML, Germany
    Swedish Maritime Administration, Sweden
    Aboa Mare, Finland
    Rorvik, Norway
    Centro Jovellanos, Spain
    Willem Barentsz, Holland
    UPC Barcelona, Spain
    FH Flensburg, Denmark
    Effective start/end date1/09/1530/06/19


    • European Commission


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