Robust Machine Executable Collision Regulations at Sea - collision avoidance for unmanned ships

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    Key findings

    MAXCMAS : Significant achievements.

    Quote from Rolls Royce Future Technologies group :
    “Successfully adapted a commercial-specification bridge simulator as a test bed for autonomous navigation that can…
    - Flex to multiple vessel types in any conditions and any corner of the world
    - Partake in distributed exercises with other crewed bridge simulators for immersive human-in-the-loop testing”

    As far as we can ascertain this is the first in the world of attempting this type of integration for an autonomous vessel. This has been achieved without modifying simulation software meaning the interface could be placed on a live platform without further changes.

    Validated autonomous seafarer-like collision avoidance in likely real-world scenarios, using professional instructors as they would assess the human.

    Demonstrated COLREGs compliant behaviour beyond the state-of-the-art such as handling….
    - In-extremis behaviour (i.e. requiring rule deviation)
    - Conflicting responsibilities between multiple vessels
    - Nuances e.g. special vessel status, limited visibility, separation schemes.
    StatusNot started


    • Innovate UK


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