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Key words: | Business Anthropology | Cultural Semiotics | Storytelling and Narrative | Knowledge Management | Strategy Conversation | Critical Discourse Analysis | Novelist |

My body of research work studies the power of storytelling and narrative in shaping our perceptions and experiences, and the importance of a counter-narrative to challenge assumptions and foster productive discourse. My diagnostic model into the role of storytelling and narrative in shaping strategy discourse is thought-provoking and revealing.

I currently research the intersection of strategy and narrative, and how these can be used to drive organizational change. The use of semiotic techniques to diagnose stakeholder positions is an innovative and valuable approach that can help organizations better understand how stakeholders perceive and respond to changes.

Pivoting due to contingency is an important business strategy that can help organizations respond to changing customer demands, industry shifts, and environmental factors. Business anthropologists can play a vital role in supporting organizations in this process. By applying traditional anthropological insights to business, they can help companies understand and connect with customers, team cultures, and various departments.

The ultimate goal of business anthropology is to understand individuals' meaning-making, changing world views in the face of change, and how they take a position through critical discourse analysis. By interpreting the information they collect, business anthropologists can help organizations identify what people think and what they want, providing valuable insights into potential roadblocks, areas of resistance, and opportunities for collaboration.

Like small-scale societies, businesses have unique company cultures to examine, and business anthropology can help organizations cope with change by selecting the most appropriate courses of action for adaptation and evolution. In today's fast-changing times, anthropology is indeed a key part of the business toolkit for those who want to understand their business and keep it active and agile.

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Research Consultancy

The purpose of this research project was to identify gaps that exist between the current political party plan and voting intentions of constituents .  This helped to identify establish differing world views that existed between the political party’s current plan and the constituent’s interpretation of icons in the plan.

Data analysis was presented to the political part as a means of intervention in the conversation and narrative between the party and their voting franchise. The results of this project are being used to redraft the political manifesto in time for the May-2022 local council elections.  As a result the party was returned to power.

Digital Capability

Evidence of promoting student digital capability evaluation and support through interventions of course team.

  • I teach students on data analysis techniques with expertise in the use of both IBM SPSS and MS Excel.
  • Integration of Panopto and Zoom technology to produce module content to meet Transformation Academy standards.
  • University lead on StratX MarkStrat for post-graduate and under- graduate modules on marketing strategy.
  • Leads on direct and digital marketing strategy modules across a number of undergraduate courses.

Coaching and Mentoring

Evidence of operating as a supervisor of a coach/mentor.

  • Responsibilities include research supervision at levels 7, 6, and 5; with module leadership on academic and marketing research skills and final major projects that include dissertation, consultancy, and creative projects.
  • Shared Transformation Academy best practice with subject group for module content on SOL.
  • Created quality control and process working instruction documentation to support teaching group staff developing module content to Transformation Academy requirements.


Current Role

Senior Lecturer experience on undergraduate; post graduate degree courses; and professional chartered institute of marketing (CIM) professional qualifications. Student dissertation supervisor.  Develop, manage, and deliver teaching content to the required standard.  Experienced in designing and delivering blended learning courses for UG and PG degrees and professional qualifications (CIM).  Design virtual classroom environments and web content, seminars, and contact schedules.

Professional Information

Director of CearnagRuadh Consulting

CearnagRuadh provides consulting services and training to public, private and third sector organisations. CearnagRuadh helps clients to focus on achieving strategic objectives, improve organisational control and evaluation of performance against target by measuring what matters. This helps organisations to align people activity with strategy and create a culture of continuous improvement to achieve strategic objectives.

Education/Academic qualification

PhD, Knowledge Management Through Storytelling and Narrative - Semiotics of Strategy, Solent University


Award Date: 31 Mar 2020

Master, Marketing Management, Solent University

Award Date: 30 Nov 2000

External positions

Strategy and Business Planner, Ordnance Survey

24 Apr 197431 Dec 2009


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