W G Sebald Podcast discussion with Dr Nick Warr (University of East Anglia), commissioned by Dr Rosy Gray for Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery with field recordings by Oliver Payne.

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    Commissioned by Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery 'Sebaldsound' acts as a complimentary audio piece to the 2019 exhibition 'Lines of Sight' about the artist W G Sebald.

    In this episode 'Lines of Sight' curator Nick Warr talks to artist and academic Guy Moreton about the landscape, Sebald's life and work, whilst travelling on part of the journey featured in Sebald's much revered book 'The Rings of Saturn'.

    Sebaldsound includes field recordings by Oliver Payne with 'Increasingly Absorbed In His Own World' and 'When the Dog Days Were Drawing To An End' composed by The Caretaker for his album 'Patience (After Sebald)'.

    Period29 Apr 2020